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Michigan Central Train Depot employees photo
Michigan Central Train Depot employees photo
Photo #1308
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by Jan Kaulins

MICHIGAN CENTRAL TRAIN DEPOT employees workers photo picture print for sale. This is a great historical photo from ca. 1942-1944. Many a United States soldier went off to fight in World War II from this Detroit Train Depot during that era. It shows a group of employees (possibly ticket office workers) in the main lobby of the Michigan Central Train Station. They are lined up with each having a letter pinned to their blouses that spells out 'NEW YORK CENTRAL'. I'm not quite sure what the occasion was for this employee get-together, but it is a very unique image previously unpublished photo courtesy of the private collection of Chuck Gailis whose mother Alverna Milatz is wearing the letter 'E' in Central. This image gives life to the inside of this historical structure. This unique photo would make a nice companion piece to the exterior shot of the NEW YORK CENTRAL train itself on the tracks behind the historic structure photo.

The Original historical photo from which these prints are made has been professionally restored by Detroit area artist, photographer and historian Mr. Jan Kaulins, and is offered for the first time here on this Vintage Detroit Photo Gallery website.

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The quality of the Jan Kaulins' photographic prints is much higher than we can show within limits of this web site. Slight tonal changes and blurring around the areas of strong contrast are a result of the JPEG compression process, and are not part of the high quality originals.

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